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Your Stories

Did your Ithireal Dice help you take down a fearsome creature? Did you roll your way back to life? Maybe they helped you turn the tide in battle? I heartily welcome and encourage you to submit your testimonials and in-game experiences! Reach out on any of Ithireal Dice's socials to have your story on the website!


Regale us with your tales of righteousness, mischief, and heroism! Tell us how much you adore your new shinies! We love to hear from you and share in your adventures.

Please note: submitting your stories implies your permission to feature them here at my discretion.

Symbiotic Solivagant

"My very first roll with these special, beautiful dice, saved my entire party from a TPK and we were able to get a jump on the big bad of the campaign! My goblin rolled high enough to bite the leg of the baddie that had the whole party charmed and walking to their deaths, and break the spell they were under." - Darth Rune

Lightning-Struck Tower

"These dice were specially made for my wild magic sorcerer and they have been the source of some of the best TTRPG moments I've ever had! These beauties helped my goblin hold onto the back of our party's air genasi monk while he ran at mach 100 to escape a cult's HQ. With the amazing rolls I got from these dice we managed to take a plan that should never have worked and made it a roaring success." - Darth Rune